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The Secrets Behind the FICO Score

Your credit score is the secret number behind everything in your life. How much you pay for insurance, your car, rent and mortgage payments, utilities, and even whether you get a job or not, are ALL

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Credit Cards For People With Bad Credit

People who have bad rating are likely hoping to rebuild their credit score. There are many different reasons for damaged credit, but there is always a way to rebound. One of the best ways to begin the

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Credit Tips and Advice – How to Raise Credit Score

Many consumers complain that it’s hard to raise your credit score once it’s damaged, but this idea is far from the truth. It does not matter how bad your credit report was in the past because

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5 Easy Ways To Find Home Loans for Bad Credit

For those who dream of owning a home, but have less than perfect credit, there are still options. There are several creditors who offer home loans for bad credit. While these loans do not typically have

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Simple Ways to Help Increase Your Credit Score

Due to the recent recession, many consumers are experiencing money problems and damage to their credit files. Paying bills and meeting daily expense is the main things on consumer’s minds and nothing

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Your Credit Rights… The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

Many consumers have their legal rights violated by collectors without even knowing it. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act is designed to stop harassing, unfair, and abusive debt collection practices. Knowing

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5 Things to Know About Bad Credit Car Loans

A car is often viewed as a necessity for most people. Reliable transportation is necessary in order to maintain a decent job. Without a job, it is nearly impossible to pay bills and establish credit. Unfortunately,

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4 Things People Do That Hurt Their Credit Scores

Rebuilding your credit score could be a challenge to most consumers, but with the proper education combined with action, your goals could be achieved. Once you get your score to the number you want, you

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